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SMI offers powerful tools for investigation and analysis of personal data from search engines, social media, public records, and the deep web.

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The SMI Spider captures and archives public information from search engines, social media, public records, and the deep web. You can create your own report or order a complete report from one of our analysts.  

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Happy Customers

  • SMI’s user interface was easy to use and seamless.
  • Using a service like this could save me a lot of time, plus since this is their specialty, they will probably do it better than me.
  • I use them for comprehensive social networking searches. I highly recommend.
  • Darlene B., H.R.Private School, Honolulu, HI
  • Bob C.Private Investigator
  • Karen B.Private Investigator
  • You can't beat their prices which is not even half of my hourly billing rate, but saves me hours of time.
  • There are over 20 plus social media sites and that changes daily. Knowing them is half the battle, searching by all the parameters is the other half.
  • A time saver. I can make my hourly fee in the field AND get the computer work done at the same time.
  • William SullivanForensic Consulting Specialist & TPI
  • Terry F.Private Investigator
  • Laurie S.Private Investigator

Short on Time? Let our Analysts do the work for you.

SMI’s expert Analysts conduct custom investigations and create a report that contains the information you need. Analyst processed orders can be available the same day. 

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